Individual headshot and portrait sessions start at $325, and include up to 2 hours on location. All prices include my travel to the location of your choice, my time, my knowledge and skill, post processing/editing, and social media ready final images available by digital download.

I want you to absolutely love your photos, and to enjoy them not only for YOUR lifetime but to proudly pass them along for your children to cherish as well. Imagine how important it will be for THEM to hold those memories in their hand! For an additional investment, and for something truly unique and special, I will transform your images into your story by crafting them into an album or wall art on canvas, acrylic, or metal. More than merely prints, these works of art will endure for generations as they tell the story of your life and love.

We can make more money and use it in turn to buy more of almost everything except time. Imagine walking into your home one day decades from now to see this moment of your life preserved forever in a work of art! Imagine if you had such a moment from decades ago...